Friday, April 13, 2018

How To: Slimmer face without any invasive methods

I always had concerns about my face bcos I do not have a strong jawline and that sometimes make my face look really round as compared to the side point of view. So I consulted with Dr Elias Tam at the EHA Clinic and he introduced the HiFU Plus treatment (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) that helps to contour as it lifts the cheeks area. It is a one-off treatment that stimulates natural collagen production and targets skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation without going under the knife or needles!

Firstly, the area of treatment will be cleaned~


Brought into another room for photo taking~

Looks something like that.. close up.

Mug shot time xD

Left side

Right side... lol

Another room... The treatment begins...

and the HiFU gel will be applied!

Then, Dr Elias directed force on my face with the device in really fast motions. Before I know it, the treatment is complete!

Checking after 1-2 minutes of the treatment


I get to see the difference of one side before continuing... I was like oh god please continue if not I look super lopsided LOL it was a huge lifting difference! Love it~

Another side now :)

Also did my neck area cos fatty double chins...


Happy me with the weird ass hairband

Here is a video of the process~

It was so quick and effective and I am very happy with the result :D Why be envious of the v-line when there is HiFU? ;)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

How To: Survive on an island without internet?

So! More than half a year ago I came across TSL and other platforms introducing a new addition to Telunas; the Telunas Private Island. I was very skeptical as they put out a disclaimer that there is absolutely no internet service on the island and I was wondering how in the modern world is that possible lol. Adventurous I am, I decided to challenge myself to the absence of social media for a total of 3 days and 2 nights.

Brought the boyfriend there as his birthday trip ^_^

Took a ferry from Harbourfront ferry terminal to Sekupang. And a long tail boat from there to Telunas!

Hi blue sea ^_^

 Fluffy clouds hiiiii

First order of business: Lunch! The island provides all meals as there is no other restaurants etc. There's always a spread of salad and soup. Special dietary requirements have to be notified in advance so they can prepare something special for you... Children are served first as well :)

Always room for dessert? Chocolate mousse~

Checked into our rooms about 4pm! There are no phones for room service so we ordered the amenities we need from the host who brought us to our rooms. Housekeeping is done almost every few hours... they will make sure that we left for our meals then come in to clear the rubbish and make the bed. Close the windows and turn off the lights to minimise attracting flies and night crawlies!

My monkey already relaxing...

I was just back from work so I took a nap while S tried line fishing just outside our room xD

Went to catch the beautiful sunset just before dinner! 

Papaya salad~

Pan grilled chicken with pasta YUMS. There's always a choice for dinner so the other was Barramundi with mashed potatoes :P

Their Christmas decor was up! They must have done it in the afternoon :)

Love the vibes ^_^ Have a sandy little Christmas~

Star gazed and had a few drinks at the sand bar before going to bed...

Up early the next day for breakfast at 6! 

Already very bright outside


Sleepy face because I did not want to miss breakfast so I forced him up LOL

Free flow fruits, cereal, bread and coffee... Also ordered eggs from the egg station

And Nasi Uduk Komplit! SHIOK

Lazed around bcos food coma...

The beach is so near the sea so it was soooo breezy!

Went back to take some panorama after chilling by the pool :)

Washed up and went for lunch!

Opened our wine bcos we had beef for lunch haha... you can bring your own wines without corkage but just be wary of the limitations from customs~ Unknowingly bought this when we were i Melbourne bcos we went to Mornington... only to realise I serve exactly the same thing on some occasions at work -_- Okay but it is really quite good a wine haha

Fished after that! Went to the Telunas main island for more luck and caught a garoupa wtf! If I live there I would keep it till it is restaurant banquet size then sell / cook it :x

I caught the middle one and the right side one. LOL I think I have natural talent in fishing...

Took some photos along the day... :)


Dinner time again! It was Christmas eve and everybody on the island (guests and staff) were dressed up! Good vibes x)

Prawn and avocado salad 

Pumpkin soup



Our catch no.1

Catch no.2 and 3

You can pass your fishes to the kitchen and they will cook it for you no extra charges! LOL our meal was extra filling bcos of my wins that afternoon ^_^

Fancy petite desserts and a free ice cream behind bcos it was S birthday~

Also they baked a cake for him WOOHOO

Happy birthday love~

Breakfast on day 3! Prata :)))

My zen face from the social media detox :)

Good morning~

Finally weather was more forgiving (less strong winds) so we can kayak!

Fun fun fun (I helped ok... after photo taking)

 Team work! :D

Went for their spa twice in 3 days bcos it was so amazing!!! Just look at this. Over water spa.

Basically lying in front of the sea with nothing else but sea breeze, serenity and very skilful masseurs. Thumbs up!

Last few photos before we checked out! Our villa has 2 storeys :)

Bed facing the sea ^_^

In front of the sea on our balcony :)

Good bye Telunas! You have been amazing!
Even without internet you made up for it by your personable staff, warm service, abundance of activities (hiking, village tours, table tennis, volleyball, other ball and land mini games, stand up paddling are other activities that we tried but did not take photos ^_^)

Ayam penyet before going back to Singapore bcos I AM IN INDO~~~

I would love to go back despite the lack of connection bcos it gave me a chance to connect with whoever I go with, and to interact with others on the island. :)

Also had more free time to just do nothing bcos I am not scrolling Instagram and Facebook, reading on things that might not even concern me.