Wednesday, August 16, 2017

10 Step Facial Treatment at Fresver Beauty

So last week, I went for a facial treatment at Fresver Facial Boutique in Tiong Bahru. 

The reception area was brightly lit and very spacious. The receptionist made me a cup of mocha to while I waited for my therapist. There were magazines but I was too absorbed looking around and checking out their S+ products lol.

*Sip sip* My therapist brought me into a smaller room to check my skin condition with their magnifying tool and I could see my pores in HD on the screen lol. So she pointed a few problem areas and suggested to me ways I can improve it on my own :) That is really different, compared to other places where they try to upsell their products and services by claiming only their methods will help my skin in the long run! *rolls eyes*

Then I was led into another room (how many rooms do they have?!) where I changed out of my clothes and into a robe to make myself comfortable. I loved this mirror lol super good for selfies :)

So without further ado, we started with Aroma Tension Release! I was already closing my eyes but I could feel and smell that my therapist used some lavender oil or mist around my face area and then started to massage my temples and pressure points. Instantly relaxing my entire body and soon I feel the familiar sense of fatigue and was about to drift off to la la land lol.

Then she used cotton pads to remove my make up and a very gentle cleanser to do the "Double Cleansing" to remove dirt and other impurities!

Sparing you the unglamorous scenes but after cleansing she used the Diamond Peel Machine to suck out the dirt that is more stubborn inside my pores, and extracted blackheads and what nots. After which, she put a net over my face and did the Antibacterial zap treatment, I supposed to kill the bacteria from the open pores. 

Then she used another machine with a lot of colour lights... It is call Chromotherapy Infusion which uses various spectrums of light to target skin concerns. It is used with a gel that contains vitamins and hyaluronic acid so the light helps to infuse these substances into the skin, leaving it extra hydrated, bouncy and glowy. She massaged my face again and then put on a collagen mask that is in my favourite shade of blue lol not that I can see it at the time la ^_^"

After taking the mask off, she massaged my shoulders (damn shiok, which facial parlour does that!?) and back before ending the session! We went back into the small room to just see my pores again after the facial treatment and she showed me some immediate improvements. I did feel that my skin brightened up, and definitely more hydrated (from the mask) and bouncy (from the massages)

There's a promotion now for first timers, at SGD$29 nett for the 10-step treatment as described in this post, for ages 12-65 Singaporeans, PRs, SP/EP/WP/DP, female AND male! Just text your name, age and "BG-FAVES4" to +65 9011 1234 (not my number lol) to make the appointment! They have 4 outlets: Hougang, Tampines, Orchard and this one.

Valid till 16 September 2017. Enjoy :)

Monday, July 10, 2017

I dreamed about my wedding proposal

Wait, what? For real? Wing you serious?

That was the reaction to myself when I woke up. And it was so intriguing that I remember 99% of the details for an extended period of time beyond a normal dream's capacity in my memory bank and most of the details vividly even after two days. I could even sketch it out on paper from the first scenario up to the end right before I woke up, and my drawing is atrocious.

This is the first time it has happened to me, ever. I mean I have definitely tried to visualise it before, i mean which little girl hasn't? It has varied from different guys I have previously dated, but I haven't really got down to really imagining it with S. And suddenly the entire idea, fully conceptualised,  pushed its way into my subconsciousness, without any warning, shocking me to the point that I laughed as I got out of bed that morning just last week.

After putting in quite a lot of time deciphering the dream bit by bit, I can see that bits and pieces of it are definitely inspired from what I have seen or read from proposals that I really liked. But the funny thing is that it wasn't a perfect combination of those scenes that inspires me. Rather, it was filled with life-like mistakes that I can expect happening, which made it even more realistic.

Am I going crazy yet? :'D